Blog 2018

29th December 2018

Winter Walking Festival

Today's Mystery walk ended in the Kingath Hotel. Thanks Jim for a nice walk: photo Pat


28th December 2018

Mystery Walk

Hello everyoneJust a reminder that Jim's leading our mystery Walk this weekend usual 9:45 bus South from Guilford Square. Walk details on the day easy to moderate with festive theme of having an  item that identifies Bute possibly to wear or give a story about at the Kingarth at the post walk coffee. 

Chance to share the left over mince pies or Christmas cake.
(I'm on call but hope to be there ..Wendy)
Seasonal good wishes and Kind regards 
Jim and the committee


18th December 2018

Thursday Walk: 20th December

Jim has decided to do a walk after all. 9.45 bus south to Kerrycroy and a walk along the beach to Kingarth.

Merry Christmas


14th December 2018

Tomorrows Walk: 15th December has been cancelled

Due to winds of over 40 miles an hour and snow  in the forecast the walk has been cancelled.

The next walk is Saturday 29th December the Hogmany Walk. The committee wishes all Ramblers a Merry Christmas.


10th December 2018

Thursday Walk:  13th December

 Gordon's choice: 
Circuit round Loch Fad. It's on-island, and we usually do it once in the year, after the bracken has gone. We'll meet at the Discovery Centre  ~ 9:50 and walk up from there. It's a 4-5 hr moderate-strenuous hippopotamus walk  (requiring gaiters as well as boots, or wellies). Poles are advisable and a packed lunch. We'll finish in the Esplanade or the Victoria.



9th December 2018

Christmas Lunch

Christmas Dinner Walk

10 Rambers walked from Mount Stuart to the Kingarth Hotel, dry but the last 15 minutes being extremely wet.

Pat did some quizzes between the 2 table rivalry each table won prizes and the tiebreaker was won 5-0

Photos of this years walks were passed around and available for purchase. 22 sat down to eat and a great time was had by all,


7th December 2018

Christmas Walk Tomorrow

If It is bucketing down tomorrow we will go to the Esplanade Hotel and have coffee and do the quiz. The Kingarth doesn't open till 12'15 so we can catch the 11.50 bus.

we can make the decision tomorrow.


3rd December 2018

Thursday walk: 6th December

This is last weeks walk that was cancelled.
(1) Catch 0900 ferry to Wemyss Bay & then a bus to Cardwell Bay.
(2) Walk by coastal path from Cardwell to Inverkip Marina.
(3) Cross the bridge into Inverkip, and proceed up the Daff Glen track, switching at the top to  the road that passes the woodyard.
(3) Carry on till the waterworks an take the right-hand track into Leapmoor Forest.
(4) Follow the track down into the top end of Inverkip.
(5) Turn left at the main road and continue on till a farm road turns off to the left.
(6) Follow the road and the wood-fringed track  at its right-hand bend till a path appears going right up a hill just after a barrier.
(7) proceed up the hill and onto a trait to the left thru some woods.
(8) The trail emerges from the wood at a stone bridge across a road.
(9) Turn left and follow the road to a rough down-hill forest track to the right.
(10) Follow the track down to Wemyss Bay Caravan Park, and follow the roads out to the main road opposite the Wemyss Bay Ferry Terminal.

Remember  the Christmas Lunch is on Saturday.

29th November 2018

Saturday Walk: 1st December

Wendy has changed the walk , meet at the Discovery Centre 10 am for a walk to the Dhu Loch and back.


28th November 2018

Thursday Walk: 29th November

Jim C has cancelled tomorrows walk for various reasons, but the weather doesn't look to great either.

25 for the Christmas Lunch, I think the booking is closed but check with Wendy?


27th November 2018

Thursday walk: 29th November

Jim C has sent details of this weeks walk. The weather doesn't look to promising so bring your waterproofs.
(1) Catch 0900 ferry to Wemyss Bay & then a bus to Cardwell Bay.
(2) Walk by coastal path from Cardwell to Inverkip Marina.
(3) Cross the bridge into Inverkip, and proceed up the Daff Glen track, switching at the top to  the road that passes the woodyard.
(3) Carry on till the waterworks an take the right-hand track into Leapmoor Forest.
(4) Follow the track down into the top end of Inverkip.
(5) Turn left at the main road and continue on till a farm road turns off to the left.
(6) Follow the road and the wood-fringed track  at its right-hand bend till a path appears going right up a hill just after a barrier.
(7) proceed up the hill and onto a trait to the left thru some woods.
(8) The trail emerges from the wood at a stone bridge across a road.
(9) Turn left and follow the road to a rough down-hill forest track to the right.
(10) Follow the track down to Wemyss Bay Caravan Park, and follow the roads out to the main road opposite the Wemyss Bay Ferry Terminal.

Remember to book the Christmas Lunch.


25th November 2018

Yesterdays Walk: North End of Bute


Jim A. lead the first leg of the walk to the cairn at Glenvoidean. Then Jim C, took over as Jim A had a ferry to catch. Above the abandoned settlement of Ardnagave.


Jim C. Jean and Eddie with views of Loch Riddon

We were rewarded for our efforts with beautiful view of Ormidale, Tignabruich and Kames. Not to keen on the bog we went through though. All photos Pat.

Reminder to book the Christmas meal. A selection of walk photographs will be on sale at 50p each


20th November 2018

Thursday Walk: 22nd November

0945 bus from Guildford Sq. to Mount Stuart, then thru Knocknicol Wood to the West Island Way, cutting back from there to Ascog Reservoir Rd, Balmory Rd, Ascog, the Vineries Rd,, across the top to the Reservoir Rd again and finishing in the Jam Jar. We  also will make  a visit to Stephenson House  for morning tea:-)


18th November 2018

Change of Plan

The 8.19 bus due to take our Ramblers to Rhubodach had seized brakes so was cancelled by West Coast Motors, as they had neither spare parts or a spare bus.

Alternative Walk

Caroline, Eddie and Gordon were waiting at Ardbeg for the bus. After a few phone calls it was decided to meet at Mount Stuart for an alternative walk. Caroline kindly drove Eddie and Gordon, while Jean and Pat took the 8.45 bus south. We had a great walk though woods, moor, beach, golf course and airfield. Arriving at a closed Kingarth Hotel for 12.05. Turned out to be a lovely day with good company thrown in.


14th November 2018

Thursday Walk: 15th November

Sorry folks Jim is unable to do a walk this Thursday.

Wendy now has a menu from Kingarth, so let her know if you intend to come.


11th November 2018

Christmas lunch: Saturday 8th December

Could  anyone wishing to go to the Christmas lunch at the Kingath Hotel please let Wendy know so we have an idea of numbers.

12.30 for 1pm Saturday 8th December.

Walkers it will be 9.45 bus to Mount Stuart or the War Memorial and a walk in.


11th November 2018

3 Bays walk

The walk between Inverkip and the garden centre was very enjoyable, but the first leg was going through a housing estate. Day spoilt by waiting an hour for a bus back.


9th November 2018

Saturday Walk 10th November

Tomorrows walk is on, bring a packed lunch but the garden centre cafe is our finishing point.  Walkers have an option to get a bus to the town if they so wish. 6 mile walk. 10 am ferry.


7th November 2018

Thursday Walk: 8th November

Sorry folks looks like tomorrow's weather is going to be wet and windy so the ferry might get cancelled. Jim has decided to cancel the walk.

Jim might have to cancel Saturday's walk as well, as he is suffering from some sort of bug. Check website for updates.



5th November 2018

Thursday Walk: 8th November

As there's been landscaping changes to Wemyss Bay - Inverkip since I last walked the coastal routes, I've decided to do a recce for Sat's walk on Thurs. As it should be easier to confirm the route in reverse, I intend to do Cardswell Bay to Wemyss Bay on Thurs.  If  any Ramblers are interested in coming along. We catch the 1000 ferry to Wemyss Bay and take the Gourock bus to Cardswell. Thanks.



3rd November 2018

Today's Walk

Margaret found Jean & Liz at the Discovery Centre waiting to do the walk, and so they did it. The rain held off till lunchtime and they were nearly at the Jam Jar so all's well that ends well. Good company and an enjoyable walk.


3rd November 2018

Margaret has cancelled today's walk due to the wet and windy weather


28th October 2018

Yesterday's Walk

Jim A and Pat did a 14 mile walk from Wemyss Bay to Cornalees visitor centre and back via Blood Moss. We sat outside for lunch at the Ardgowan Trout Fishery.

The Coruisk was on and packed, they had to leave a load of cars behind.

Great walk, thanks Jim. Photos Pat except the one of him.


25th October 2018

Saturday Walk: 27th October

Jim C. is still unwell and is unable to lead Saturday's walk. Jim A. has agreed to lead a walk to Cornalees, via Kelly Cut and back to Wemyss Bay,  12 miles, strenuous. Cafe/Picnic

Gaiters and Poles advisable

Meet at Ferry for the 9 am sailing.


22nd October 2018

Thursday Walk: 25th October

Unfortunately Jim C is unable to lead a walk this week. Do we have any volunteer walk leaders to take his place.

Saturday's walk is the 3 bay walk


21st October 2018

Saturday Walk and Barbecue at Pat & Janet's

7 members on the walk and 11 at the BBQ. Everyone had a great time till the early evening.

Pat's walk from Mount Stuart. Stopped at Lochend Farm for photo.

Photo by Pat

Pat and Janets garden bbq

18th October 2018

Remember AGM ,1st November at Mill Cottage 7.30 pm

This Saturday BBQ walk from Mount Stuart to the Port. Bring your own. Bread rolls provided.

Meet 9.45 bus south from Guildford Square.


18th October 2018

Today's walk

At Achavoulag Farm .

Janet, Jean, Caroline, Jim C, Joan,Peter and Eddie. Photo Pat



Great views from the tops.

Scarrel quern stone Bit of Archaeology

Scarrel quern stone , A bit of Archaeology


17th October 2018

Thursday Walk: 18th October

Jim, was thinking of doing a walk from Ettrick Bay as the bus is nearly at the end of the season. Some variation on the Achavoilag Circuit and lunch at Alec's cafe.

9'45 bus from Guildford Sq to Ettrick bay


11th October 2018

Pat's Walk and Barbecue: 20th October

It has been pointed out that if the walk started at Kingarth we would be getting to my house at 2 or 3pm for the BBQ. 

So I have decided to still get the 9.45 bus, but start the walk at Mount Stuart visitor centre. This means we don't  have to stop for lunch on the way.

Remember its bring your own. We will get some burger rolls and pitta bread.


8th October 2018

Wednesday Walk: 10th October

After looking at a couple of rainy weather forecasts, this week's mid-week walk will be on sunny Wednesday. It's an easy-moderate saunter along the coast - I'm still not quite AB - from Kingarth orchard to Mt Stuart kitchen via Bruchag Pt. Anybody that wants to, can then walk back to Rothesay, or take the easy way. It's the 0945 bus S from Guilford Sq .



7th October 2017

Cowalfest 2018

Pat, Jean, Gordon, Margaret and Jim C. joined a Cowalfest walk yesterday. The weather was a bit iffy but the tough walk was rewarded by great views.

Kilmarnock Hill, views to Bute , Inchmarnock and Arran

Kilmarnock Hill, views to Bute , Inchmarnock and Arran

The climb was described as strenuous.

The climb was described as strenuous.

Bute from Cowal

Bute and Arran

Cup marks rock in Glen Fyne

Cup marks rock in Glen Fyne

All photos taken by Pat. Please click on the images to enlarge the views.


25th September 2018

Thursday Walk: 27th September

Millhouse  to Portavadie

7.45 bus north from Guildford Sq to Rhubodach. Picnic lunch, 9 miles,  moderate.

Jim C


23rd September 2018

Saturday's Walk by Loch Ascog

Loch Ascog, photo Eddie New

Photo: Eddie New


18th September 2018

Thursday Walk: 20th September


 Given the possibility of showers and/or wind, the Thurs walk will be the Tighnabruaich Coastal  Walk, where there will be 'shelter from the storm' for a lot of it.
7.45 bus south to Rhubodach from Guildford Sq.

17th September 2018

Jim A's walk: Ettrick Bay circular

A satisfied customer.

Just a wee note to say thank you for a most enjoyable walk.

I would also like to thank the group for making us all feel so welcome and for the excellent company.

Hope to join you all next time we are in Bute.

Jim, Janice and Christine


16th September 2019

Two Bays Walk

Jim C, Margaret photo Pat

Not for the faint hearted, Jim led Margaret and Pat down a steep incline though bracken and brambles to Bruchag bay to be met by 8 seals and a noisy bunch of Cormorants. On to KIlchattan Bay on lunch in the  community orchard and then to Black Park, the Airfield, Golf course and Stravannan Bay. Finish at Kingarth for a well earned drink. A great walk but we need to alter the way down to Bruchag beach.



12th September 2018

Thursday Walk: 13th September

Sorry Jim C is unable to lead a walk this week. any volunteers?


9th September 2018

Ettrick Bay to Straad Circular

Jim A led walk of 14 Ramblers including 5 visitors

Photo Pat O'Sullivan

Jim A led 14 Ramblers to the Straad and back on a glorious sunny day. We had 2 sets of visitors with us 3 and a 2. On returning to Ettrick Bay we were welcomed back with a fly pass of 6 planes celebrating Baird of Bute day.


4th September 2018

Thursday Walk: 6th September

Hi Patrick, the walk is an on-island one aimed at checking out something I was told by the Mt Stuart receptionist:-
"This week's Thurs walk is from Kilchattan to Mt Stuart Visitor's Center via Bruchag Point. Poles are advised. There is an option of lunch at the Mt. Stuart Kitchen in the passing,, even tho' the House itself is closed. To be on the safe side you might also take some sandwiches with you. It's the 9:45 am bus S from Guilford Square. There is also an option of freely collecting some of the apples at the Visitor's  Center while waiting for the bus back."


2nd September 2018

Barone Hill

Barone Hill in the mist


1st September 2018

Pat's walk Rhubodach to Ettrick Bay

The Burnt Isles

3 visitors from Lancaster


29th August 2018

No walk tomorrow Thursday 30th


22nd August 2018

Sorry Jim is unable to do this Thursday's Walk. so unless we have a volunteer leader it's off.


19th August 2018

Ramblers Roadshow

Jim C discussing walks at the games

Highland Games

Agricultural Show photo Pat

Agricultural Show


14th August 2018

Thursday Walk: 16th August

Jim C. hopes to do the circular walk from Ettrick bay to Drumachloy to Achavoulaig and back via Lennihall.

Easy/ moderate. 4/5 miles, finish at cafe,  9.45 bus to Ettrick bay from Guildford Sq. Best check weather Wednesday night if in doubt phone Jim C


7th August 2018

Agricultural Show

If anyone is willing to help Pat tomorrow, just so he can have lunch or a comfort break it would be much appreciated.


6th  August 2018

Thursday Walk: 9th August

Jim C sent a blog

"A morning walk to the Bluebird launch pad by a scenic route. We set out from the Discovery Center at 9 am, heading for Barone Hill. From the hill top we go to the Reservoir and down to Loch Fad, once we've seen where to go. Poles and gaiters  advised for ' the dedicated follower of fashion'.  6 mi round trip as the snail crawls."



6th August 2018

Saturday's Barbecue

BBQ 2018 at the Fernery

Great day, has anyone left a maroon pullover there?


31st July 2018

Thursday Walk

Thursday walk will be Tighnabruaich Coastal walk. Bus departing Guildford Square at 0819 to Rhubodach, then Portavadie bus to Ormidale Lodge to start walk. Light showers predicted. Return Bus from Tighnabruaich is 15.29 so packed lunch or something to eat in one of TB's cafes.


31st July 2018

Thursday walk

Peter will lead this weeks walk as Jim has family visiting.

Pat, Gordon. Caroline & Jim C turned up for Saturday's walk but due to a torrential downpour Jean decided to cancel the walk.

BBQ this weekend let Wendy know if you can make it.

Pat and Janet did the Sunday Market a bit of interest.


25th July 2018

Thursday's Walk: 2nd August

Jim C is repeating last Saturday's walk of Cowal way 2 in reverse. So its 8.19 bus north from Guildford Sq to the Ormidale Lodge turn off. The bus will be the Dunoon bus, but will change at Auchinbeck.


25th July 2018

Saturday Walk: 28th July

Jean Saturday's walk leader has done a recce of the walk yesterday and would advise walkers to bring a set of poles as there are one or two places where they would come useful.


24th July 2018

Thursday Walk: 26th July

Thursday walk will be from Kichatten, initially following South End loop but diverting off at Loch na Leigh and walking up St Blanes Hill to trig point. Will then drop down to Plan Road and back up to Kilchatten via Suidhe Plantation. Kick off at 1015 from Kilchatten Post Office so 0945 bus from Guildford Square.

Thanks   Peter Wilson


23rd July 2018

Thursday's Walk:  26th July

Sorry folks Jim can't lead a walk this week, so if anyone would like to volunteer to lead a walk please let Jim know.


23rd July 2018

Some Happy Ramblers from Saturday

17th July 2018

Thursday Walk: 19th July

Skelmorlie to Largs over the Knock and via Brisbane Glen, finishing at Weatherspoons. The ferry to catch is the 10 am to Wemyss Bay.  Jim intends to join the walk at Wemyss Bay Station cafe about 10:35, as he needs to go into Greenock first thing.

Ramblers can take sandwiches if they like, but the original idea was to have a late lunch in Weatherspoons. The distance is 7-8 mi.


10th July 2018

Thursday Walk: 12th July


Millhouse to Portavadie. 8.19 bus from Guildford Sq north.

Jim C.


27th June 2018

Thursday Walk, June 28th:

An 8 mile upland trek from Rhubodach along Lyeing Hill and Kilbride Hill via the Balnakeilly Loop and the West Island Way. Starts with 7:45 am bus from Guildford Sq. to Rhubodach and return is by the bus back from Ettrick Bay. Poles, plenty of water and picnic lunch advised.

Thursday Walk, July 5th:

By request, the 8:20 am Dunoon bus (thank heavens for school holidays) to Clachaig, a brief visit to the Balagowan Larder for venison, and an easy walk to Benmore Gardens. This may be followed by an ascent thru the Black Gates forest to the viewpoint over Loch Eck, or perhaps up to the Paper Caves. Return should be by bus from Benmore Gardens and the return bus to Rothesay from Dunoon.




24th June 2018

Sunday Market Today

23rd June 2018

The Port and back

Pat lead a walk from Rothesay to the Port via Abercorn cottage and Ardmory Road, very pleasent.

Jim C_Jean_Caroline_Gordon_LIz photo Pat

19th June 2018

Thursday Walk 21st June

Toran Turach 10 am from the Discovery Centre using cars.

Saturday walk 23rd June

Wendy is unable to lead the walk, so it will be 10am from Discovery Centre to Port Bannatyne and back, circular 5 miles

Pat will lead the walk.


11th June 2018

Thursday walk 14th June

Due to an adverse weather forecast, there will not be a walk this week.


5th June 2018

Port Gala Day

Port Gala Day 2018

Thanks to everyone who helped make the Gala a great day.


5th June 2018

Thursday Walk 7th June

This Thursday's  jaunt is a hopefully sunny trip to Stonehouse Castle Hotel near Tarbert via the Cnoc a Bhuic, with its great views, returning via the White Sands route to Tarbert. It's the 7:45 Rhubodach bus out of Guildford Sq. to catch the Portavadie bus. A pole could be useful, plus a picnic lunch and plenty water. Don't forget the suntan lotion and the Smidge! See you on the bus.
tel 07502475922


3rd June 2018

Its Port Gala Day

Come and join us in the park at Port Bannatyne

Jim C_Jean_Margaret_Janet

Great walk finishing in the Jam Jar Cafe at Roseland Park. Photo Pat


31st May 2018

Port Bannatyne Gala Day

Hi All, Bute Ramblers are having a stand to promote the Ramblers Association. Come along and support us or just to have a chat and meet fellow members.


16th May 2018

Promotional Events

Bute Ramblers are running a membership campaign this year at the Sunday Markets and various shows. Unfortunately we have no one to man the first Sunday Market stand on May 27th and we are looking for volunteers. Other events are...

Port Gala Day: June 3rd

Sunday Market: June 24th

Sunday Market: July 29th

Agricultural Show:  August 8th

Highland Games: August 11th

Sunday Market: August 26th

Sunday Market: September 23rd

Please support your Local Ramblers and come visit our stand and have a chat.


14th May 2018

Thursday Walk: 17th May

This Thursday's walk is a 13 mi trek from Rhubodach thru to

Ettrick Bay, provided the weather is fine. We need to get it done

before the bracken gets up. It's the 0739 bus N to Rhubodach

from Guildford Sq. Poles and gaiters are advised, and you need

to bring a picnic lunch and drinkables. It's a long walk, and a bit

strenuous in parts. We should make Alex's cafe before it closes.

Jim C
tel: 07502475922


12th May 2018

Today's Walk: 12th May


Pat, Leslie, Jim A, Gordon, Jean & Jim C.

Photo Leslie

10th May 2018

Today's Walk



8th May 2018

Thursday Walk: 10th May

The walk is from the Straad to the top end of Stavanaan Bay, mainly by the beach, but cutting off Ardscalpsie Point by passing Clachan Ard fort.  The distance, allowing for terrain, is c. 8 mi, and should take about 4 hr. We meet at the Discovery Center at 9 am, where we will travel to the Straad by car. Hope to see you there.
Jim C
tel: 07502475922


6th May 2018

Loch Fad to the Port

Pat stepped in fot Gordon on Saturday and led a group of 10 Ramblers to Port Bannatyne.


1st May 2018

Thursday Walk : 3rd May

Walk on Thursday 3rd May will be along two beaches. Starting from Kilchatten, cutting through to Plan Road and down to Stravanan Bay via airfield. We will then double back up Plan Road to Kingarth and walk down Bruchag Road before cutting across field at far end of Kilchatten Bay and returning along Bay to village. Likely to be muddy when walking across fields to beaches, otherwise easy walking. Depart 10.15 from Kilchatten Post Office so 0945 bus from Guildford square. Anyone wanting a lift contact Peter on 07925-464035.

Thanks   Peter


29th April 2018

The Port to Rhubodach

Yesterdays walk with Jim C. Photos by Pat.


28th April 2018

Recce for Greenock

Pat and Janet walked the Greenock Heritage trail on Wednesday


21st April 2018

West Island Way: Kingarth to Loch Fad

Pat lead the walk on the hottest day of the year. Apart from when we stopped for lunch, when the sun put its hat on. 10 walker including Jean a non member giving us a try. I hope we did n't put her off. We finished the walk at Bute Brewery to cool down.


20th April 2018

For Bute

Pat on behalf of Bute Ramblers received a cheque for £560 from Marlene Hill of For Bute. This money is to provide a Market Stall type Gazebo which will enable us to make a Ramblers display at the Highland Games, the Agricultural Show the Port Gala Day and the Sunday Markets.

Could members please support the For Bute Thrift Shop with donations of jewellery, china, bric a brac and Clothes. Let Marlene know its from the Ramblers.

Thanks Marlene.


17th April 2018

Thursday Walk: 19th April 2018

The 9:45 bus from Guildford Sq to Ettrick Bay. Then the Drumachoy circuit at Ettrick Bay and finish at the tearooms. Bus back.


17th April 2018

The club banner is now in place.

Our new advertising banner

15th April 2018

Have you spotted the club's new advertising banner at the Rothesay ferry terminal yet?

Great dry walk on Saturday. With Pat, Janet, Liz, Jim A & Jim C.

Jim A, Janet & Liz

13th April 2018

Edinbeg Walk

Pat, Eddie, Peter, Janet and Jim C on a walk through Edinbeg Farm yesterday.

3rd April 2018

Thursday Walk 12th April

Jim is intending to investigate a way through Edinbeg Farm


3rd April 2018

Thursday Walk 5th April

Sorry folks there will be no walk this week.


3rd April 2018

Sheltering from the wind on the Moor rd

Another windy day, photo by Pat

30th March 2018

Thursday Recce walk

Jim C. led 5 hardy souls from Wemyss Bay to Cornlee,s visitor centre and back. A great day out!

This walk will be repeated Saturday 26th May as part of the Muirshiel walking festival.

The wild bunch





24th March 2018


22nd March 2018

Pat and Janet exploring Suidhe and the south end this morning.

Janet after Brazner moss
Pat and Janet in the south end



18th March 2018

Walk Cancelled due to weather

Thursday Walk 22nd March

Jim C is intending doing a recce for a walk he hopes to lead during the Muirshield Country Park Walking Festival in May,

Meet Rothesay Ferry terminal for 8.40am ferry.  Walk to Cornalee visitor centre and return via Daff valley. Picnic lunch or dine at Trout Fishery cafe. 10 miles, after a long slow climb it levels out to become easy and flat and downhill on the way back. I'm sorry to miss it.



18th March 2018

Yesterday's Walk Ettrick Bay Circular

Doreen, Michael, Janet, Jim C., Margaret and Maureen
Sheltering from the wind at St Ninian's Bay

Pat took a couple of photos of yesterdays walk in high winds. We welcomed three non members on the trail.


14th March 2018

Tomorrows walk has been cancelled due to the weather.


14th March 2018


Version 4 of the poster

14th March 2018

A thank you from a non-member

"The non member found a very warm welcome and good company all through the day from Bute Ramblers. They were patient, generous and made him feel at home. They gave him all sorts of ideas for spending time on Bute. He found it a great way to enjoy a days walking in a new part of the country in the safe  hands of friendly locals."


13th March 2018

Thursday Walk 15th March

Jim C is intending doing a recce for a walk he hopes to lead during the Muirshield Country Park Walking Festival in May,

Meet Rothesay Ferry terminal for 8.40am ferry.  Walk to Cornalee visitor centre and return via Daff valley. Picnic lunch or dine at Trout Fishery cafe. 10 miles, after a long slow climb it levels out to become easy and flat and downhill on the way back. I'm sorry to miss it.



12th March 2018

Pat is designing a poster to put on the railings at Rothesay. Any thoughts let me know. Here are 3 ideas to start with.


12th March 2018

Grant Moir, chief executive, Cairngorm National Park at Scottish Council 2018

Pat and Janet attending council in Aberdeen



12th March 2018


Wendy lead Saturday's walk to Inveraray Jim C. and a non member joined her on the walk. It rained all the way there and after the walk, but the walk remained dry.

If anyone is interested on walking this Thursday 15th March can you contact jim C directly.


5th March 2018

No Walk this Thursday


Well done Jim C. for leading a walk through Skipper woods despite the snow and wind.

1st March 2018

This Saturday's walk has been cancelled.

Due to lying snow and the weather forecasted the walk will cancelled.


28th February 2018

This Thursday's walk has been cancelled.

Jim suggests that the weather is only fit for Woolly  Mammoths and Bears. if you wish to walk brave it to Alex's café.


26th February 2018

Thursday Walk 1st March

Jim is hoping to recce a walk Wemyss Bay to Cornalees and back to Wemyss Bay though the woods to Blood Moss. The weather might turn so give Jim a ring on Wednesday if you intend coming. It will be the 8.40am ferry on Thursday.


Jim, Janet, Caroline, Liz and Patricia on Pat's Saturday walk to Kingarth. Photo Pat.

20th February 2018

Thursday Walk 22nd February

Sorry we are cancelling the walk to a later date as Pat is unavailable and the weather doesn't look too promising. 

18th February 2018

Ramblers AGM 10th & 11th March

Pat & Janet are representing Bute at this years AGM in Aberdeen. If any member has a point that needs raising please let us know and we will try and find the right person to ask.


18th February 2018

Thursday's Walk: 22nd February

Wemyss Bay to Cornalees visitor centre and return to Wemyss Bay through forest track to Blood moss.  8.40 am Ferry. Picnic/Café, 11 miles, moderate. Track will be muddy. Details contact Jim C

17th February 2018

Pat, Janet and Jim C. had a lovely day on the hills and caught the 2.20 pm bus back from Kingarth after refreshments.


View from Trig point


13th February 2018

Thursday Walk 14th February

Due to inclement weather Jim has cancelled this Thursday's walk.

12th February 2018

Saturday Walk 17th February

Jim A. is unable to lead this Saturday's walk so Pat has stepped in.

Meet at Guildford Sq. 9.45 bus to Mount Stuart. Through Cnocnicoll wood to Moor road, follow West Island Way to Kingarth Hotel via golf course and airfield.

9/10 Kilometers, easy but muddy. Best take a Picnic but we finish at a  pub. Chance of meeting cows on the pathway.

9th February 2018

Thursday Walk to Greenock via Dunrod Hill & Scroggy Bank


  Eddie, Jim, Caroline & Gordon. Photo Pat

Pat, Caroline, Jim, Gordon & Eddie. Photo by Laura.

Pat on Dunrod Hill. Photo Gordon.

Daff Reservoir. Photo Pat

3rd February 2018

Saturday Walk

Pat & Janet leaving Cnocnicol Woods

Pat, Janet and Laura leaving Cnocnicol woods


2nd February 2018


Walkers near the Birgadale Trig. Point have reported that they were attacked by a cow. The walkers were sitting on the bench when the incident happened. They had to jump over the bench to escape.

1st February 2018

Thursday Walk:   8th February

12 miles

"After having had a most agreeable Kelly Cut Walk a week last Saturday, the plan is that we do a variant of it. We catch the 8:40 am ferry to Wemyss Bay, follow the Kelly Cut thru to Cornalees, and after lunch at the cafe,, go on to Drumfrochar & Greenock via Dunrod Hill and Scroggy Bank, finishing in Weatherspoons, for those wanting further sustenance etc. It also gives me a chance to pick up my other boots from the cobblers."


21st January 2018

Wemyess Bay to Drumfrochar

Great walk yesterday with Jim C and Janet. Photos by Pat.

15th January 2018

West Island Way

Gordon, Susan and Pat at St Blane's

Saturday's walk lead by Gordon of the Southern loup of the West Island Way. Gordon, Susan and Pat.

7th January 2018

First walk 2018, photo Pat

Ellie joined the group for a taster walk, with Pat, Wendy and Janet.




3rd January 2018

Happy New Year to Everyone

Pat is leading this Saturday's walk 6th January. Discovery center 9.45 am Loch Fad circular.


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