20th September 2017

Thursday Walk  - 21st September

Tarbert, 7.39am bus from Guildford Square to Rhubodach. The 8.10am ferry to catch the 8.39 bus to Portavadie.

19th September 2017

Hi fellow Ramblers,

The time has come round to put together the autumn walk programme. The walk scheduling meeting will be held in the Port Inn at 7:30 pm on Friday 22nd, September. We'd be delighted if you decided to join us to work out an October-December programme that caters for all the active membership. We have a list of over 60 graded walks to choose from, covering on-island walks and off-island excursions, and are happy to add any new walks that you are willing to suggest. It's your club, and the committee really need your guidance to provide the service that best suits you. And with the imminent arrival of the annual Cowalfest walking festival, it provides us with an opportunity to meet each other informally and plan any joint forays. Hoping to see as many of you as can make it. We'd also be happy to hear from anyone willing to lead a walk, and can provide training to anyone wishing to progress further in that direction. Any suggestions or comments should be directed to Wendy, or to myself, and we will be happy to deal with them appropriately, as opportunity permits.

Best wishes,
Jim Campbell

11th September 2017

Thursday Walk ,        14th September

This weeks walk is Barla hill and environs. Its cars from Rothesay at 10am, reaching Glecknabae by 10.30am. Anyone needing a lift phone Jim C. on 07502475922

6th September 2017

Thursday Walk ,        7th September

Due to another horrendous weather report, Jim has decided to pull the plug on tomorrows walk. Sorry folks.


22nd August 2017

Thursday Walk 24th August


Jim offers his apologies he is unable to do a walk this week as he is a bit under the weather. Makes a change from the wind and rain.


16th August 2017

Tomorrows walk has been cancelled due to weather forecast and waterlogging

14th August 2017

Thursday Walk 17th August

This Thursday's walk will be an ascent of Cruach man Capull in Glen Lean, a not too difficult a mountain with a view of Rothesay from the cairn. It means catching the 7:19 am Dunoon bus to Clachaig out of Guilford Square, returning by the Cruach Neuran Burn to catch the 4:09 pm bus. The walk is 8 mi asc and strenuous, requiring walking poles, gaiters and a packed lunch.


29th July 2017

Thursday's Walk

Caroline,Gordon, Jim A. and Eddie N at Beinn Bhreac trig point. Jim C. took the picture.


28th July 2017

Tomorrows walk cancelled due to weather


24th July 2017

Thursday's Walk 27th July

As long as the weather holds up, the Thurs walk is yet another ascent of Beinn Bhreac from Colintraive. followed by an ascent of Stuchdan Capuill., with lunch at Lochan na Leirg, before returning to Colintraive. We'll be going up to Rhubodach by car at 9:15 am, and anyone needing a lift should phone Jim C on 07502475922 by 8 pm Wednesday evening. 


24th July 2017

BBQ Report

Jim Campbell reports that 12 members turned up for the BBQ and everyone had their fill. The weather was a bit overcast and a dark cloud seemed to hang over the event, but that's not unusual for Bute.


12th July 2017

Hi All
Looking forward to the lunchtime BBQ at the fernery please let me know your availability by the weekend. Should be a great afternoon and if we're lucky we'll get back to Rothesay castle for the minature model boat regatta. Friends welcome at the £5 entry fee.
Lots of food and lovely refreshments meat from MacQueens and a veggie option so please tell me if the latter applies.
A few revisions have been made to the walks programme as holidays and available walk leaders have changed things.

kind regards Wendy


4th June 2017

Invite to all our Bute Ramblers

 BBQ, Saturday 22nd July at the Fernery,  Ascog
£5 Donation with all food etc included
we have wet weather contingency plans so the event will run.
Please let Wendy know if you intend to join us by Friday 15th July so we can plan for requirements food etc.

There will be a vegetarian BBQ please indicate if this for you.


3rd July 2017

Thursday Walk 6th July

The mid-week walk will be on Thursday 6th July, and will be the old Sparrowhawk Hill walk that follows the Feorline forestry road from the A886 to its end-point, and then follows the path along the Allt Glachavoil Burn back to cross the A886. The walk arrives at Colintraive via the B886, finishing at the hotel. So it's the 0820 bus N from Guilford Sq. to Dunoon. Please note that for the 2(?) following weeks, people need to phone me on 07502475922 before Wednesday if interested in doing the mid-week walk.

Jim C.


30th June 2017

Tomorrows walk change of Leader

Jim C.  07502475922 is leading tomorrows walk as Gordon is away. Jim is willing to extend the walk to Mount Stuart for those interested.

28th June 2017

Thursday Walk 29th June

Sorry about the short notice but tomorrows walk has had to be cancelled due to the usual subjects  being unavailable. Jim C. offers his apologies.


20th June 2017

Thursday Walk, 22nd June

A stroll around the Dhu Loch starting from the Discovery center at 10am

Walk Leader Jim A. 07717833913


Giant Hogweed

12th June 2017

Giant Hogweed Warning

Giant Hogweed has been reported at Bruchag Farm and at Mount Stuart. Do not touch it as it can cause severe blistering. Giant Hogweed is over 2 meters tall so not to be confused with common Hogweed/Cow Parsley

The sap of Giant Hogweed contains toxic chemicals known as furanocoumarins. When these come into contact with the skin, and in the presence of sunlight, they cause a condition called phyto-photodermatitis: a reddening of the skin, often followed by severe burns and blistering. The burns can last for several months and even once they have died down the skin can remain sensitive to light for many years.


12thJune 2017

Reminder Walk Planning meeting on Wednesday 14th June, Port Inn, Port Bannatyne 7pm

All members welcome


12th June 2017

Thursday Walk June 15th

Jim hopes this walk will be third time lucky after a string of wet Thursdays.

DESCRIPTION: Circular upland walk from Colintraive to the Meilan Dubh, Beinn Bhreac and Lochan no Leirg, returning via the Milton Burn to the Colintraive Hotel.:: 
GRADE: moderate-strenuous
START: 7:39 am bus to Rhubodach, and 8:10 ferry to Colintraive
LUNCH: picnic

If the weather turns rainy the backup walk is the Loch Fad big circuit starting from the Discovery center at 10 am and finishing at the Esplanade Hotel

Walk leader Jim C.  Mobile:   07502475922

9th June 2017

Inverary Walk

Sorry folks, due to a lack of cars and a wet weather forecast tomorrows walk has been cancelled.


4th June 2017 

Thursday Walk June 8th

DESCRIPTION: Circular upland walk from Colintraive to the Meilan Dubh, Beinn Bhreac and Lochan no Leirg, returning via the Milton Burn to the Colintraive Hotel.::
GRADE: moderate-strenuous
START: 7:39 am bus to Rhubodach, and 8:10 ferry to Colintraive
LUNCH: picnic

If the weather turns rainy the backup walk is the Loch Fad big circuit starting from the Discovery center at 10 am and finishing at the Esplanade Hotel

Walk leader Jim C.  Mobile:   07502475922


31st May 2017

Due to a weather warning this Thursday's walk is cancelled, apologies.




31st May 2017

Sorry folks, but there are a couple of changes to the June progamme:-

(1) An erroneous walk leader contact number was posted for the Saturday walks May 27th - June

17th inclusive. It should read 07502475922. The number 078038704245 is, of course, a mystery

for it's 12 digits long.

(2) Insufficient car availability and the back-marker (the person who has recced the walk) being

elsewhere that Saturday, requires us to switch the walk on June 3rd with the walk on June 10th.

So, the walk up to the watch tower at Inverary is now on the 10th. Anybody hoping to go on this

walk needs to contact the walk leader (i.e. me) before-hand so that I know how many cars will be


Happy rambling,
Jim C.

28th May 2017 

Thursday Walk June 1st

DESCRIPTION: Circular upland walk from Colintraive to the Meilan Dubh, Beinn Bhreac and Lochan no Leirg, returning via the Milton Burn to the Colintraive Hotel.::
GRADE: moderate-strenuous
START: 7:39 am bus to Rhubodach, and 8:10 ferry to Colintraive
LUNCH: picnic

Walk leader Jim C.  Mobile:   07502475922


24th May 2017

Walk Leaders Training


Katy Robinson has written, we are planning another walk leader training session around the Glasgow area. I’ve worked with the responses I received from groups and looked at available walk programmes and it appears the best dates for the majority of groups is Sunday 13th August 2017. Unfortunately it is not possible to find a date that will suit every group, you’re all super active, which is great! Venue wise, we hopefully found somewhere that will work and is easily accessible and will hopefully be ok even for those of you who may consider coming over from Bute. It’s the Old Laundry at Finlaystone House in Langbank, Renfrewshire. Please circulate the information below to your members. There are 15 places available and they tend to fill up fast! (we will operate a waiting list and plan another course if we are oversubscribed)


The walk leader induction training is on Sunday 13th August 2017 in the Old Laundry at Finlaystone House, Langbank, Renfrewshire, from 9.30am-4.30pm and is free  to attend.


By the end of the day walk leaders will have a greater understanding of what makes a good walk and how to go about delivering this, of Ramblers guidelines and best practice and would be able to lead a Ramblers walk with increased confidence.


As this is a pilot of the course, there is time at the end of the day for evaluation and feedback, which will allow you to have input into shaping this course and wider walk leader training moving forward.


To find more information about the course or to book a place then please follow this link:https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/ e/pilot-walk-leader-induction- training-renfrewshire- registration-34747940024


Saturday 20th May 2017

Back to square one

Following at times  often heated arguments at our recent EGM on the 9th May, Bute Ramblers thought we had moved a step forward in resolving one of its issues by electing Cynthia as our new Chair. As of today Cynthia for various reasons has resigned the post.

The present committee is now short of a Chair and Treasurer plus our Footpaths officer, Eddie is in the process of moving to Fife. Val has stepped down from the committee to be closer to her family.

The walks programme to the end of June on the web still stands and a walks planning meeting has been arranged for the 14th June in the Port Inn, we hope as many members as attended the EGM will attend the Walks planning meeting.

Pat O'Sullivan

19th May 2017

Walks programme planning meeting

Wednesday 14th June, 7 pm at the Port Inn. All members welcome                   


19th May 2017

Thursday Walk - 25th May

Tarbet to Stonehouse Castle hotel, returning via White sand route.  Distance 5 miles. Grade moderate

Walkleader Jim C. 

Mobile: 0750 2475 922

Times: 7.39 bus north from Guildford Square to Rhubodach


1st May 2017

Drumreoch walk, Pat, Liz, Eddie and of course Jim.

8th April 2017

Dear Ramblers.

The committee has seen it necessary to call an extraordinary general meeting on Tuesday May 9th 2017.

This is a pre notification to allow you ample notice of the date, a formal notification letter will arrive next week.

The venue is the function room at the Victoria Hotel Rothesay at 7 pm. Tea/ coffee provided

The motion for discussion is that the present format of our group is untenable.
The committee at our most recent meeting after much discussion decided that dissolution of the group was the only option .
Primarily because we have insufficient walk leaders to meet the weekly schedule. Very few new members and geographical limitations as well as a disbanded area committee.

This is the only motion and a vote will be taken on the night providing the meeting is quorate for or against dissolution.

There may be other options available so please bring your suggestions for discussion. If you would like to raise a motion then please email that to myself by Tuesday 25 the April.

We hope to have a representative here from ramblers HQ Edinburgh, so please do come and hear what can be offered. lf we can find a new path to keep Ramblers viable then your ideas and support are required.

Kind regards
Wendy Wilkie secretary on behalf of the committee


7th April 2016

Isle of Bute Ramblers


Following a Committee Meeting held on the 5 April 2017 it was decided with considerable reluctance to disband the local group. Very careful consideration was given to this matter and the majority view of the committee was that continuing in our current format was untenable.

An Extraordinary General Meeting was agreed for Tuesday 9 May 2017 at 7pm at a location still to be confirmed and at this meeting a recommendation to disband will be brought forward by the committee. There will be an opportunity for members to ask questions and express their views. A vote will then be conducted based on the motion from the committee or any other motions tabled following due process. All members will receive written notification of the EGM in due course with a fuller explanation outlining the procedures we are required to follow.

In the meantime, the walk programme will continue up until and including Saturday 13 May 2017 (please note no walk is planned for Easter Saturday). The remainder of the walks for the current quarter have been suspended beyond the 13 May.

Douglas Allan


27th March 2017

Please note that at present we are struggling with having enough walk leaders for our programme. Life hits all good plans some  of the team have future medical events and some grand children arriving soon.

So the programme will be reviewed at the next committee meeting at Wendy's  on 5th April.

 Chair Douglas Allan or myself are happy to receive enquires from anyone keen to  lead a walk.

We hope to do a short  information  session in the near future information to follow  On what is a walk leader?

21st March 2017

Bute Ramblers are short of walk leaders, if anyone is willing to lead a walk training will be given with full support. Our walks are usually Saturdays.


18th December 2016

Should we allow Dogs

What do you think, on some walks should the walk leaders allow dogs at their own discretion?

13th December 2016

Ramblers newsletter

Thank you for your support this year

As the festive season descends upon us and we reach the end of the year, we’ve been thinking back over the last 12 months. 2016 has been a big year in so many ways and we want to take the time to remember and celebrate some of the things we, the Ramblers, have achieved together in 2016.

From Chistmas day we'll be posting some of our 2016 highlights as part of our 12 days of Christmas.

The Festival of Winter Walks is here

Starting on Saturday, for the next fortnight there are over 1,000 festival walks on offer across England, Scotland and Wales.

We’d love to see you there, so grab your boots and step out to be part of Britain’s biggest winter walking festival. From short city strolls taking in the seasonal lights, to remote rambles through the frosty countryside, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Pathwatch is here!

Our Pathwatch campaign got off to a great start in November, with lots of volunteers taking part in path maintenance on and around Offa’s Dyke. Thanks so much to everyone who came along, despite the autumnal weather! Pathwatch aims to get all rights of way well-maintained by 2020 - they’ll be many other opportunities to get involved over the next few years.

Right now, tell us what you’re going to do to show your support for rights of way by signing our pledge for paths.

Ramblers Volunteer Awards 2017

We've had over 90 wonderful nominations and have shortlisted 9 nominees across three categories. Now we want to know who you think should be our national award winners.

Our awards recognise special volunteers - or groups of volunteers - for their outstanding contributions to the Ramblers and walking. Whether that’s inspiring people to walk or helping to protect and expand the places we love to walk, they are the real walking heroes.

You can read about the shortlisted nominations and vote on our website.

Ramblers Roadshow events 2017

Join us for an opportunity to find out more about how to get the most out of your Ramblers membership, to meet other members and volunteers and get direct access to our walking experts and specialist partners at one of our free Ramblers Roadshow locations across England, Scotland and Wales.

Learn more about our organisation and vision, what we do as a charity and the impact that we make, as well as having the chance to develop your skills and knowledge as a walker or as a volunteer.

Choose from our selection of free workshops. Whether you're just taking your first steps as a walker or are a regular volunteer with the Ramblers you'll find a workshop for you.

Real Handful and Ramblers join forces to fuel active lives

Walking is good for your mind, your body and your soul. Walking for just 10 minutes a day can really improve your health and happiness. Brisk walking is even better - and refuelling boosts your energy to keep you going for longer.


Christmas break
Ramblers office will close from 5.00pm on Wednesday 23 December 2016 and will reopen on Tuesday 3 January 2017 at 9.00am. If you have any queries during that time, please visit the How can we help page on our website.

We wish all our Members a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


7th December 2016

A message from Douglas Allan our new chair

My wife and I came to live on the island just under 2 years ago having spent the previous 30 years in Barrhead. I was born and raised in Greenock and have been hillwalking since the age of 14 when I was introduced to the delights through the Duke of Edinburgh Award. I drifted away when my children were born (too busy) and then rediscovered walking when I turned 40 and have been doing it ever since (23 years). I was at times a member of various walking groups and latterly actively involved in a group from Barrhead called Stravaigers. This group visit Bute each year in June for an annual walk and I have in the past (2008 I think) led them on a weekend walk around the West Island Way. I have in the past chaired a number of community groups and I am pleased to be entrusted with chairmanship of Bute Ramblers.


I have only been on a few walks to date but have been made to feel very welcome and have been impressed by the enthusiasm and encouragement that I have received. I would like to record a sincere appreciation for all the hard work put in by my predecessor and I am pleased that Jim has agreed to remain on the committee. I would also want to add to the thanks (which I am sure have already been made) to other committee members who have now stepped down (sorry I can’t record names here as I don’t want to risk missing someone out but you and the members know who you are).


And so to the future. I am already conscious of all the effort and time that has gone into the group and our aim should be to build on this in the future and develop the presence and impact of the group. I have some ideas as to how we might achieve this and look forward to working with the committee (including the other new members) on how we might move forward. My first plea is that this is everyone’s group and isn’t the sole preserve of the committee and I would seek the support of all in identifying how we would like to see the group develop in the future. I will be making some suggestions to the committee at the earliest opportunity and once these are firmed up we will disseminate them for your thoughts.


In the meantime, I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible and putting names to faces. Please say hello to me if you are at the walk and/or Christmas Dinner this coming Saturday. Otherwise do get in touch with me if you wish to discuss any aspect of the group. You can do this via this email, on my landline (502331 – we have BT Call Guard in place so you will be challenged but you only need to say your name to get through and thereafter I can add you to the ‘safe list’) or on my mobile 07478134946.

7th December 2016

A Message from our outgoing Chair

Hi fellow Ramblers, as Tennyson put it, "The old order changeth and giveth way to new." You now have a new committee with fresh ideas for the year ahead, and always ready to hear more input from the members. I hope and trust that they can look for your continuing involvement in your Ramblers Group. The people elected in accordance with our updated constitution are:-
Chairman:   Douglas Allen
Secretary:   Wendy Wilkie
Treasurer:   Cynthia Ward (Constable)
Footpath Officer:   Eddie New
Ramblers Link Officer:  Jim Campbell
Webmaster:  Pat O'Sullivan
(temporary) Publicity Officer: Jim Campbell
Committee member (w/o pf): Val Khodja
(If anyone would like to relieve me of my extra 'hat', please feel free to contact me regarding this.)
Douglas will 'officially' take up his reins at Sleigh-bell Jingling time, i.e. the Ramblers'  Christmas Dinner on December 10th. Like me, he hopes to see many of you there!
Happy Rambling,
Jim Campbell



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